June 21, 2001

The American Humane Association's Film and TV Unit rates movies based upon the treatment of animals during production. Check out their reviews of Freddy Got Fingered and Joe Dirt.
CNET News.com: IM chats don't fade from PCs' memories

June 14, 2001

CNET News.com: Trojan horse targets Word users (yet another security hole attributable to sloppy Microsoft code)

June 13, 2001

As if X-10's new "popunder" ads on the N.Y. Times web site and elsewhere weren't annoying enough, the company now lets you opt-out of the annoying ads -- but you have to let them place a cookie on your hard drive in order to opt out. (Actually, they'll put a cookie on your hard drive when you visit their web site, whether or not you opt out.) Yet another argument for an opt-in rule, if you ask me.

June 08, 2001

St. Petersburg Times: Clothes make the inmate (jail trusties say their new uniforms make them look like the Hamburglar)