June 02, 2006

Captain Copyright is a stinkybutt poopyhead

In the spirit of my now-static Don't Link website, here is an unauthorized link to a Canadian website that apparently doesn't like being linked to: "Captain Copyright" is a site operated by Access Copyright, the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency. The site's "Intellectual Property Notice and Disclaimer" prohibits other sites from linking to Captain Copyright if a site's contents, in their opinion, are "damaging or cause harm to the reputation" of Access Copyright. (A similar prohibition appears on the main Access Copyright website.)

Based upon these ridiculous attempts at restricting inbound links (not to mention other outrageous content on the site, as Michael Geist and Laura Murray have noted), I think that Access Copyright is a bunch of doodoo-heads, and Captain Copyright is a stinkybutt poopyhead.

In case I haven't yet annoyed them enough, here's another helpful website with a bit more information on "Captain Copyright and his underage sidekick Trademark Girl."

(A hat tip goes to Wallace J. McLean for alerting me to the Captain's folly.)