September 20, 2001

CNET eBay's charity auction upsets some sellers (note the statement near the end of report that PayPal is deducting credit card processing costs from Red Cross donations -- PayPal's web site says that "100% of the proceeds" will be donated)

September 13, 2001

InformationWeek: Report: FBI seeks e-mail about attacks; E-mails link Osama bin Laden's terrorist network to Tuesday's bombings
Computerworld: FBI to investigate Internet's role in terrorist attacks; Washington Post: Privacy trade-offs reassessed; objections to surveillance technology face new test after attack
InformationWeek: Cyberscuffles follow terrorist attacks; Newsbytes: Hackers discuss retaliatory cyberstrikes
Wired News: Congress mulls stiff crypto laws
Los Angeles Times: Officials call for more net security
Privacy Headquarters: How to aid investigators (a guide for financial institutions dealing with requests for information by law enforcement authorities in the wake of terrorist attacks)
Space Imaging: Attack on America (pre-attack and post-attack satellite photos)
ZDNet Anchordesk: Aftermath: How terrorists attacked your privacy rights, too
Computerworld: Consumers warned to beware of online disaster-relief scams; eWeek: Tragedy attracts spammers (also see CNET,, MSNBC, Wired News, and ZDNet News)
Computerworld: FBI issues cyberthreat advisory
The New Republic: Law and Order (by Jeffrey Rosen)
The Register: Taleban site hacked and defaced