March 21, 2002

Wired News: Anti-copy bill hits D.C. (S. 2048, introduced by Sen. Fritz Hollings, would ban computers and other electronic devices that don't include crippling technologies that prevent them from performing functions for which they were designed. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a co-sponsor. This profoundly stupid bill is supported by the motion picture and recording industries, but just about everyone else is against it, including the IT and electronics industries and consumer groups. Let's hope it dies a quick and permanent death.)
Wired News: Google yanks anti-church sites (also see CNET and update at Politech) (in response to complaints from the Church of Scientology, search engine Google has stopped providing links to anti-Scientology web sites, to comply with Digital Millennium Copyright Act -- among the sites that Google no longer links to are and Companies taking desperate steps against spam Blackhole list, facing legal challenge, closes (also see The Register and Wired News)

March 13, 2002

AP: Wyoming cries foul over postal stamp (Wyoming officials complain that bucking bronco pictured on new Montana stamp infringes Wyoming's trademark)