August 22, 2001

August 16, 2001

CNET Gateway closes a half-dozen Country stores (is it finally starting to dawn on Gateway that their entire comparative advantage arose from not having to collect sales tax -- an advantage they lost by opening retail stores? ... naah, they're probably just reinventing the wheel once again)
Reuters: U.S. sites fail EU privacy test
AP: Online court cases move forward

August 05, 2001

Wired News: Mantle, Mays and AOL discs (AOL CDs are becoming increasingly popular among collectors) -- seems strange, but it beats actually using AOL
CNET Spiegel charges credit cards in coupon gaffe (retailer accuses customers of misusing its online coupon codes, then posts charges to customers' credit cards for the amount it says they owe, prompting investigations by FTC, BBB, and MasterCard)